Hello, everyone! We’re still on relationships. Do you know the love for your parents/siblings (family) differs from the love for friends, dates, course mates, among others? Yes! Family might not be your best of friends, but there’s this hurt and bone grinding pain you feel each time family isn’t stable or at unrest. This clearly


It’s quite funny how we started with the awkward exclamation. But the question remains; “is relationship actually worth it?” Well, so many kinds exist. Family relationship.Colleague relationship.Friend relationship.Marriage relationship.Dating relationship. Of course, relating them one by one will be a masterpiece. So, what’s your view? Until I write to you again, think about these “ships.”

Prime Guide of Making N5,000 Daily on Pure network Intel

  PURENETWORK INTEL How it works👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇Purenetwork intel is an innovative creation that brings into existence two different programs on the same software It gives users the option to choose either participating as a single affiliate or participating as a group(MLM). PARTICIPATING AS AN AFFILIATE(Pure post model) When a user registers as an affiliate, he/she registers

Is money wealth?

There has been a recurring notion that money is all about wealth and riches, but this is untrue. The reason is simple. For one, wealth constitutes a lot of things as skills, talent, education, knowledge, values, finance, among others. This means that having any of the above in abundance, wealth is said to be. Of